TR Pre-flight Scenario

What do you think of this? We just switched out our Mariner for a Beta 50 hours out of its 2200-hr overhaul. First picture was from the pre-flight, second was 0.8 later on the post-flight. Would you take the next student out for his flight? According to Robinson, the only requirement for oil in the tail rotor gearbox is that “oil should be visible in the sight glass.” After looking closer, you find several drops of oil on the bell crank. That change your answer?

One thought on “TR Pre-flight Scenario”

  1. I think I would be a bit worried if the site glass was pretty full and then half full when I got back less than an hour of flying.

    You should have done this photo and asked what is wrong with this photo? Took me awhile to even notice 🙂

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