In-flight Decision-Making Scenario

Do a quick flight plan for ferry flight that takes you west from Dill0n (KDLN), past Lemhi Co (KSMN), to La Grande (KLGD). You can use the AOPA flight planner or, or the chart below and an AFD should suffice. Assume you’re in an R22 with full fuel (~3.5 hours), and just ignore the practicalities of making a flight in an R22 over this terrain. With the forecast winds and fuel, you figure you can make this leg of the ferry flight and arrive at KLGD with at least a 30-minute reserve.

The GPS shows you’ve been fighting a strong headwind during this whole flight. About 70 NM from KLGD, you review your plan and notice that your main fuel is below 1/2 full and the auxiliary has about 1/8th tank remaining. You’ve been managing about 75 KIA. What are your options?


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    1. Ha, nice try! Just supposing your employer was generous enough to get an R22 with a Garmin 150 and you decided that it was worth the trouble to figure out how to use the damn thing, the most current database version is from 2001. Oh, and what the hell is this “RAIM” warning that keeps popping up?

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