Aerial Photo Cockpit Views

Had a second aerial photo flight with the same photographer. I thought it would be helpful to post both the initial request and video of how it comes together…seems like one thing student pilots will tell you they aren’t getting in primary training is exposure to commercial jobs. The air work was something I got specific training on (with Boatpix), but the beginning-to-end planning wasn’t. If I get enough requests, I’ll keep posting content like this as I can. For now, the view out the front is on my YouTube channel, and video/audio of an overlapping segment is that I captured from another camera is posted on the Contour Cam site.

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One thought on “Aerial Photo Cockpit Views”

  1. I’m not a pilot, I’ve only been on a plane twice in my life, and I’ve certainly never been in a helicopter. I just wanted to thank you for the cool videos, though… Really felt like I was along for a ride I’ll probably never get to take. So just wanted to say thank you!

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