Introduction to ADM: 1*


1* = One ass to risk!


Use a simple, memorable term to establish safety as a core value for new student pilots starting with their first lesson/demo flight.


  1. Introduce 1*
  2. Explain the idea behind 1*

Instructional aids


  • After delivering SFAR73 Awareness Training, write symbol in student’s logbook or endorsement.
  • During second lesson, explain the meaning behind 1*: whenever you’re going out to fly, remember you only have one ass to risk.

Real-life advice and experience

  • See J Heffernan’s article in the Spring 2010 issue of Rotor.
  • Got other ideas for how to implement 1*? Share them–this isn’t even on the radar for flight training curriculums.

Additional resources

The idea here is to provide a simple, memorable message to introduce a safety mindset to students from their very first lesson. Deferring this message establishes the precedent that safety is a secondary consideration, or somebody else’s responsibility. A full lesson on ADM isn’t appropriate before a demo flight though, and the SFAR73 Awareness Training is overwhelming for a student until they’ve had training in multiple areas (aerodynamics, using a POH, limitations…). 1* is also a building block that can go from the simple mnemonic during the first lessons, but be a bridge to some of the deeper concepts of ADM and risk management. You (or your flight school) can also buy 1* decals to go on the doors to hangars, providing that last reminder that, as you’re going out to the aircraft, you only have one ass to risk.

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