NOTAMs (NOtices To AirMen) contain time-critical aeronautical information that is of a temporary nature or not known far enough in advance to permit publication, and could affect a pilot’s decision to make a flight.


Describe the different types of NOTAMs and what information they contain.


  1. D NOTAMs
  3. Pointer NOTAMs
  4. Military NOTAMs

Instructional aids

From the excellent FAAST course, Know your NOTAMS: NOTAM D Reference Brochure and Decoding the D NOTAM


  1. D NOTAMs include all NOTAM information for aerodrome movement areas. These are subdivided into 4 keyword categories:
    1. Airports: Aerodrome (AD); Apron; Ramp; Runway (RWY); Taxiway (TWY)
    2. Services: Communications (COM); NAVAID (NAV); Services (SVC)
    3. Airspace: Airspace; Obstructions
    4. Miscellaneous: Other aeronautical information (O); Unverified movement area (U)
  2. FDC NOTAMs include regulatory changes. Examples include amendments to instrument approach procedures or aeronautical charts.
  3. Pointer NOTAMs are D NOTAMs that refer to a published NOTAM, and will always contain a keyword.
  4. Military NOTAMs pertain to the US Armed Forces.

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