Pre-Flight Procedures


Establish good practices and routines, using the POH checklist, for preparing the aircraft for flight.


  • The pre-flight checklist is a systematic method for determining the airworthiness of the aircraft. Prior to each flight, a complete pre-flight should be completed. Any abnormal findings should be brought to the attention of the instructor, chief pilot, and/or mechanic.
  • The pre-flight should include an evaluation of the take-off and departure areas.
  • Fueling and positioning the helicopter will be covered during the pre-flight lesson.

Instructional aids and pre-requisites

  • Robinson R-22 POH or approved checklist


  • Pre-pre-flight walkaround: “Parts, Pieces, and Puddles” and departure area
  • The POH is the official source for the pre-flight checklist
  • §91.7: responsibility of the PIC
  • Locating the checklist
  • Should you memorize the checklist? Purpose of the checklist is to ensure no items are overlooked
  • Pre-flight demonstration and supervision
  • Aircraft fueling demonstration and supervision
  • Aircraft positioning demonstration and policies (if applicable)

Common errors

  • Not applicable

Completion standards

  • The student will progress from conducting a supervised pre-flight to assuming all responsibility for completing pre-flight procedures.

Teaching considerations

  • This lesson is designed to establish good pre-flight procedures early in training

R22 Preflighting Video Series

  • Part #1
  • httpvhd://
  • Part 2
  • httpvhd://
  • Part 3
  • httpvhd://
  • Part 4
  • httpvhd://
  • Part 5
  • httpvhd://

Additional practice

  • Not applicable

Additional resources

  • None specified

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