SFAR-73 Awareness Training


Fulfill the SFAR-73 Awareness Training requirement prior to the student’s initial flight.


SFAR-73 Awareness Training is an FAA requirement for all students and pilots who fly Robinson helicopters. This training covers operational areas that have been identified as accident causes, and the Awareness Training ensures that all Robinson pilots are knowledgeable of procedures to avoid and manage these operational areas. Your instructor will be responsible for these procedures during this flight.

Instructional aids and pre-requisites

  • None specified


  • Energy Management
    • Energy is stored as potential (alt), kinetic (airspeed), and angular momentum (rotor RPM)
    • Engine RPM is directly proportional to engine power: lose engine RPM, lose engine power
  • Rotor RPM Decay and Low Rotor RPM
    • Occurs at any airspeed when the rotor RPM decays and AOA exceeds critical angle
    • Blade stalls at 80% RPM + 1% for every 1000’ MSL and subject to density altitude effects
    • Results in sudden loss of lift and large increase in drag
    • Slowing of rotor, descent, and increased collective further contribute to stall (descent changes relative wind, exacerbating stall)
    • Recognize by change in rotor noise, increase in vibration, left yaw, descent, and activation of low rotor RPM warning system
    • Recover whenever RPMs decay by adding throttle and reducing collective, adding aft cyclic
  • Low-G Maneuvers and Recovery
    • Engine RPM is directly proportional to engine power: lose engine RPM, lose engine power
    • Little or no main rotor thrust, resulting in a weightless condition
    • Caused by cyclic pushovers, abrupt control inputs, turbulence
    • Indicated by an abrupt rightward roll and weightless feeling
    • Recover with gentle aft cyclic before correction of the right roll
  • Mast Bumping
    • Risk during low-G maneuvers if lateral cyclic is used
    • Unloaded blade flapping allows contact of the hub with the MR shaft, leading to possible shaft failure

Common errors

  • Not applicable

Completion standards

  • Provide student with SFAR-73 Awareness Training logbook endorsement.

Teaching considerations

  • Consider revisiting SFAR-73 Awareness training later in the PPLH training.

Additional practice

  • Not applicable

Additional resources

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