Start-up and Systems Check


Learn to use the POH checklist during engine start-up, and understand what procedures must be completed prior to taxiing and departure.


  • Continuation of the checklist procedures for engine start-up.
  • Configure the aircraft for departure.

Instructional aids and pre-requisites

  • Robinson R-22 POH or approved checklist


  • Follow the checklist for engine start-up and rotor engagement
  • Obtain ASOS/ATIS wind, weather, and temperature information
  • Set altimeter, radios, and transponder
  • Determine performance limitations
  • Brief student on ATC/self-announce procedures for taxiing and departure
  • Perform system checks in hover: Lights, RPMs, Guages, Fuel, Carb Heat, hover power

Common errors

  • Not applicable

Completion standards

  • The student will progress from conducting supervised start-up and systems checks to assuming all responsibility for completing start-up and systems check procedures.

Teaching considerations

  • None specified

Additional practice

  • Not applicable

Additional resources

  • None specified

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