To practice attitude control during moderately-banked turns; introduce clearing procedures.


  • Brief student on clearing procedures in practice area
  • Use the VFR scan to maintain constant altitude and airspeed during moderately-banked turns (15-20°)

Instructional aids and pre-requisites

  • Lesson FC-4 is  a pre-requisite


  • In straight and level flight (75 kias), clear the area above, below, and to the sides of the aircraft.
  • Apply gentle sideward cyclic pressure to initiate the turn.
  • Note that the degree of bank is dependent on the amount of cyclic pressure, and can be estimated using the horizon as a reference.
  • ATP inputs are not needed except to compensate for changes in power during steeper banks.
  • Return to straight and level flight by returning the cyclic to a neutral position; lead the roll-out by ½ the angle of bank.
  • Reference airspeed and altimeter during maneuver
  • To turn to a pre-determined heading, Clear, Sight, Roll, Lead.
  • Additional practice
    • S-turns over a ground reference (eg, a road or on final)
    • Steep turns that require collective and ATP inputs to maintain altitude


Common errors

  • Not maintaining VFR scan leading to…
    • Not clearing the area
    • Loss of attitude reference/pitch incursions
    • Over-reliance on the altimeter/airspeed indicator to maintain altitude and airspeed
    • Overshooting because of distraction or inadequate lead Leaning away from the turn
  • Leaning away from the turn, causing change in sight picture

Completion standards

During 15-20° banked turns:

  • Area cleared before entering turn
  • Airspeed within ±10 kias  at completeion of turn
  • Altitude within ±100΄ at completion of turnq
  • Heading withing ±10° of assigned
  • Aircraft in trim

Teaching considerations

  • None specified

Additional practice

  • None specified

Additional resources

  • None specified

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