Pre-Flight Videos

Micheal Miller from Sevier County Choppers has added a whole series of videos on pre-flighting the R22. Check them out here. Even though you have a checklist to follow, I’ve found that there are dozens of signs to look for during a pre-flight. No list can cover them all–only experience and repetition. Some instructors are fine with just sticking to the list, but the more detailed your pre-flight, the better the chances that you’ll recognize when something is amiss, even if it isn’t on the checklist. One instructor that I occasionally flew with would always ask me something right before starting the lesson…”Did you notice the blue stain forming around the carburetor? Did you check the tension on the air intake hose clamps? See that little ding in the rotor blade?” Every time it was something new, and I never picked up wondering if I’d missed something that was going to bite me in the ass later.