Collective In-Flight


To introduce the effect of changing collective pitch on the aircraft.


  • Allow student to experiment with collective changes on the aircraft’s altitude and attitude
  • Correlate collective inputs with the need for ATP inputs

Instructional aids and pre-requisites

  • Ground Lesson
  • Lesson IL-1 is a pre-requisite


  • In straight and level flight (75 kias), pass control of the collective to the student
  • Allow student to observe the effect of increasing collective pitch on visual references, altitude, trim, and manifold pressure
  • Have student perform climbs and descents using changes in collective pitch while maintaining proper trim

Common errors

  • None specified

Completion standards

  • Student will be able to maintain aircraft in trim when collective pitch is changed.

Teaching considerations

  • None specified

Additional practice

  • None specified

Additional resources

  • None specified

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