Shut-down and Post-flight Procedures


Learn the role of the POH checklist in shutting down the aircraft. Conduct post-flight inspections to ensure aircraft is ready for next flight. Secure aircraft and complete record-keeping requirements.


  • Shut-down procedures per the POH checklist
  • Non-checklist items during shut-down
  • Post-flight inspection and securing the aircraft
  • Record-keeping and logbook entries

Instructional aids and pre-requisites

  • Robinson R-22 POH
  • Student logbook


  • Follow the checklist for engine shut-down
  • Policies for extinguishing aircraft lights, disengaging carb heat, and transponder settings
  • Demonstrate post-flight inspection of Tell-a-Temps, belts, and fluids
  • Policies for securing aircraft on ramp
  • Policies for recording flight time in aircraft log
  • FAR §61.51: Logbook Entries

Common errors

  • Not applicable

Completion standards

  • The student will progress from conducting supervised shut-down procedures, post-flight checks, and post-flight record-keeping to assuming all responsibility for post-flight procedures.

Teaching considerations

  • None specified

Additional practice

  • Not applicable

Additional resources

  • None specified

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